3 months down and a lifetime to go.

People always ask how married life is, as if something magical was going to change between life before May 5th and life after May 5th. And you know what, it DID! We are truly living in marital bliss! And I think that is most, in part, due to not having to plan a wedding! Anybody else!? No?


The other thing about that I’m loving about this whole married life is how humbling it is. I’m sure it’ll continue to be humbling for a million reasons, but I find it particularly humbling because Bob makes my story, my journey, finally make sense. I’m just sort of living in that right now…God’s goodness.

To think that my decision to move to Uganda, led to the decision to take a job headquartered in Kennesaw, GA. And how a friend I met at my first job out of college (Pulte) who now lives in Nashville (Hi Ashley!)  urged me to get back on the dating app that connects you to other singles based on your location. And that, folks, is how I got connected to a handsome, bearded man living just a few miles from the job I came back from Uganda for. Well, that and a few hundred prayers from Nana.

It reminds me of a blog Annie F Downs wrote after watching Nicole Kidman tell Jimmy Fallon about their first date. It’s a fantastic read, and the clip of Nicole and Jimmy is hilarious.


“We will never know how many near misses and misunderstood stories and random circumstances all had to dance together to get us right here, with the right person, at the right time.”

But God knows. He orchestrated this dance for me. For us. And that, is what I’ve learned about marriage so far.

Well, that, and Honeymoons are awesome!

DSCN0288 b

Amanda Funk


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