The Funk Bakery

“In my South, the most treasured things passed down from generation to generation are the Family recipes…” -Robert St. John

Growing up in the south, you’re probably like me and have your grandmother’s recipes written in pencil on notecards, church cookbooks, and homemade family cookbooks that have been copied and stapled together. I have newspaper clippings that my grandmother would mail me, and dog eared cookbooks that hold my most favorite recipes. This blog is a nod to Bobby and I joking about making our own cookbook one day.

I don’t create recipes, but I love to follow one! Especially if it comes with a story or was passed down from someone. So, this blog will be a collection of recipes I/we like from other people, and recipes I’ve spied on instagram! If you’ve got a family recipe that you think I need to have in my arsenal, email it to me!

kid baking

Me – November 1982.

I love the way recipes can remind you of home, or of a person. Christmas morning isn’t complete with Dad’s french toast. My heart still flutters when Bobby makes carbonara, which was the first meal he cooked for me. I habitually make my spaghetti the way my mom did growing up. Holidays aren’t complete without Nana’s Sourcream Poundcake. Layna’s dressing will always be my favorite Thanksgiving side. Winter requires Bobby to make his great-grandmother/dad’s lentil soup recipe. And with any luck and a whole lot of prayers, these will be recipes and memories that Bobby and I can create with our own family.

It’s my hope that you enjoy these recipes as much as I do. But more importantly, it inspires you to create it for those you love. Because the best part of cooking is sitting at a table with someone and visiting.

Amanda Funk