Chicago, you really were something else.

You guys! I just landed a few hours ago, and I mean this in a completely un-ironic way, but I am feeling #blessed by the last couple of days! I’m exhausted. There’s a pile of tissues beside me from the cold I have that won’t go away. And my body is in desperate need of water and all the green leafy vegetables. But, here we are, with a recap from the last few days…in words and pictures. But, mostly pictures.

Thursday was sightseeing day. Mom had never been to Chicago, and Dad hadn’t been back since the early 70s, when he was there for Air Force Reserve training. In addition to the fun that is sharing a one bedroom hotel room with your parents and brother, being able to share a city, and new adventures with them was priceless. Food notes: Pork Belly Po Boy, and Deep Dish Pizza.

FullSizeRender (4)IMG_1875IMG_1878 IMG_1879


Friday was #7 of #35newthings day! The Browns went to Wrigley. And it was every bit as wonderful as I had imagined it would be. I mean, it’s Wrigley. And the Cubs. Food notes: Pint of Bacon.


Saturday! The alarms started going off at 6 am in preparation for the Ga Tech vs Notre Dame game. We met up with the rest of the group at Racine Plumbing for some early morning cheer, then loaded the buses for Notre Dame. The day was electric. The weather was gorgeous. And we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Well, that’s a lie. We would have asked for a win. But, we were the happiest bunch of losers you ever saw.

IMG_1905 IMG_1926

Let me say this, I’ve attended a fair number of away football games in my day, and I must say, that the Notre Dame fans were the nicest, thoughtful, and most welcoming group of folks. We would be out an about in Chicago, and Notre Dame fans would come over, wish us well, and then suggest places to go or eat around the stadium. I mean, truly, they were delightful. So, head nod to you guys.

And that brings us to today. Because, the last few days weren’t exciting enough, I got to spend a few short hours with some of my friends from my Ugandan life. When I left Uganda, I wasn’t sure if my path would cross with any of my friends ever again, because, well life. So, to have this time with Laura, and the Howleys was not wasted on me. Plus, the Howley boys. I mean, I couldn’t love three little boys more. Especially because they give the best hugs. And slide their sweet little hands inside yours as you walk along.

FullSizeRender (5)


FullSizeRender (6)

Food note: The only thing left on my list was to have a Chicago Dog, and it came down to the wire. On my way to the train, I passed a questionable hotdog cart. (Under a bridge. But, that’s okay, right? Especially when you’re about to board a plane? Sure.) Now, I’m a mustard only on my hotdog kinda girl, so the idea of “dragging my hotdog through the garden” didn’t appeal to me. But, I’m for tradition and so I just went for it. It was delicious! How on earth that combination on a hotdog works, I’ll never know. But, I’m gonna need to have another one…soon.


So, there it is. Chicago. Tomorrow morning will come early. And reality will set back in. The last few weekends have been a whirlwind. A glorious whirlwind of love and adventures and of tiny moments of thankfulness.

But now….sleep.

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  1. jillianstravels says:

    I love Chicago, too! Sounds like a lovely weekend. And for an incredible Chicago dog right here in Atlanta, go to Mike’s Hot Dogs on Roswell Road. They’re awesome!

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