Backpacking in Colorado.

A few weeks ago, visiting Colorado was not on my agenda. But, that’s because a few weeks ago, a boy hadn’t hurt my feelings. I know enough about myself to admit that my coping mechanism for processing vulnerability and hurt is to go on a trip. (There could be worse coping mechanisms.) To shake up the routine a bit. And to remind myself that life is good. That my life is good. So, when Frontier Airlines had their flash deal, I took them up on their offer to fly me to Denver. And to fly me to visit my old Ugandan roommate, Rose!


Rose arranged for us to go backpacking a little bit outside of Denver. I have a fancy backpack that my Inspired Guide friends at REI fitted me for when I went to Iceland. And a sleeping bag. But, my experience with camping is limited to car camping, not so much hike in, carry everything you’ll need, camping. So, #6 of #35 was my first time to hike- in camp!  IMG_1800

The hike was tough, and the elevation biting at times. But the views were stunning. The air fresh. And my time with Rose, quality. Authentic, if you will. What I love about my time with Rose is that we jump right into the deep stuff. We tackle the God stuff. We question our next moves. We sit quietly beside each other after the sun sets, when  the stars come out, coating the sky in a twinkly blanket of heavenly goodness, and we thank God for the day. And, we also thank him that cameras can’t capture moments like that. You just have to be there for them.

Rose cares about coffee as much as I do. It’s a requirement for our mornings. So, we decided to try our hand at boiling water with rocks! It was this beautiful, crisp morning. The sun shining through the trees. And the two of us giggled as we used sticks as prongs to transfer the hot rocks from the fire to the water. And once the first one fell in, we heard the simmering of water and saw the steam. VICTORY! WE WOULD HAVE COFFEE!!! It was probably weaker than either of us would have liked, but I must say, it was the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. It came with a story. And doesn’t that make most anything better?


This weekend was unexpected. The time with Rose was desperately needed. And the plane ride I’m about to take will be long. But, my heart is full. And happy.

Here are some photos that will tell my weekend story much better than I can.

IMG_1790 IMG_1647 IMG_1701 IMG_1657 IMG_1787 IMG_1714 IMG_1736


IMG_1755 IMG_1750 IMG_1739

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  1. Larry Middlebrooks says:

    How wonderfully inspiring, as always! Thanks for sharing!!

    Blessings! Larry

    Sent from my iPhone. L. Middlebrooks

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