Fish and Whistle

Some friends of our have a fly-fishing outfit called Fern Valley on the Soque. A few weeks ago, they set us up with a guide named Carter to teach us the ways of the river.

My brother is out of town a lot for work. And dad is co-owner of a pool company, so he works late and a lot. When we see each other, it’s over quick dinners or busy Tech games. The block of 10 hours that days was a welcomed commitment for me.

The morning was cool. What leaves hadn’t fallen still had a hint of color on them. The water was clear. And we were lookers in our waders.


While I caught the first fish, David caught the biggest. And I used my fancy camera to focus on the leaves on this tree instead of his fish. Accident, I promise.  But just look how in focus those leaves are!

Here’s a handful of photos from that day:

Want to try your hand at fly fishing or just want access to the Soque river? Contact my friends at Fern Valley 770-597-4219 and tell them you’re a friend of mine.


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