Uganda updates…again

Hello there!

Well, I’ve made it through my second day of unemployment. The first day I constantly checked my phone for emails, phone calls or texts from the office, But they never came. But today, I kept myself busy with a hike with Page and errands for Uganda. And today, I didn’t check my phone as much. Hopefully the habitual checking of the phone will decrease over the next few days.

Over the weekend, I received an email from my future roommate in Uganda, Cassandra. She’s given me the green light to ask as many questions as I want. I’ve got a growing list of questions with each passing day. My questions about what to pack were escalated to the the top after receiving my packing guidelines. It states that I need only 7 outfits or so. Seven. And I can only bring 2 suitcases. For the year.

On the fundraising front, I’m down to my last $4000 that needs to be in the bank by the end of the year. Go to and scroll over give for online giving. Or, you can send a check to my folks house at 79 pointe view court, jackson ga, 30233. Checks can be made out to Africa Inland Mission.

I can’t believe it’s November. I can’t believe I’m less than two months away from leaving. I can’t believe I’m only $4000 away from my goal. Since committing to this in July, it’s been just one scary/exciting moment after another. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you.

all my love,

skype: amandab_101010
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