Dancin Granny

My Nana is turning 88 this year. She’s the woman who gave us this for Christmas one year. And then followed it up with this

Like so many of her birthday parties before, we went dancing. She goes to the Clayton County rec center on most Fridays to dance with a group called the Brookdale Dine and Dance club. It’s a handful of dancers and a band. And by band I mean a guy with a piano and one with a trumpet.

But she loves it. And she’s invited me a handful of times, so I’ve become friends with the dancers. I think they like me because I’ve got some dance moves and I’m younger. Much younger.

A couple of years ago, Nana was interviewed in the Clayton News Daily about this dancing group. The quote that made it into the paper was “We need men. Men that can dance and drive.”

So basically I take after her.

So I snapped one of the dances tonight. The birthday girl is in black and she starts off dancing with my favorite man, my dad. Then my uncle Bob in yellow makes a move for Nana after realizing that I was videotaping. Larry, not wanting to miss out cuts in a few minutes later. The man in blue, my uncle Bill, comes up from behind to get some Christmas points in with Nana. Notice, she easily transfers partners never losing track of the beat.

She’s really an amazing woman who is loved by so many. Proud to be a part of her family and to be celebrating with all the Williams at our family reunion tomorrow. That’s right…I said family reunion.



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