Cambodia Part 2 – Amanda vs Food

Ever since I’ve gotten home I’ve been moving fast. Gathering paperwork and scheduling doctor’s visits for Uganda. Getting ready for a yard sale and the final move back into my parents place. And catching up with EVERYBODY!

I have managed to snag a spot as a waitress on Sundays at my favorite brunch spot, Bab’s in Midtown to earn some extra cash for the trip. I’ll be there this Sunday from 9-12. You should come see me.  🙂

So in thinking back to my time in Cambodia, there was a daily something that caused me stress. And hunger! My food options were limited. Here, I love food! Atlanta has such an amazing bevy of restaurants to choose from, it’s one of the things that makes our city great! I try new restaurants every chance I get. However, although I like to eat food, I don’t like to eat all types of food. You’re talking to a girl who was an ovo-lacto vegetarian for a year in highschool (a Peta video caused that).

So, in another country….it’s different. I survived on a steady diet of banana pancakes in the morning, and rice. A lot of rice. A couple of team members came to the rescue for me though and I could not have survived without them. I am so grateful to them for sharing their goods: Claire with her Larabars, Laura with her Cliff bars and Carrie with her Oreos. And Ashley came through with the peanut butter. It literally was the food highlight of my day (well maybe the oreo’s dipped in pb was my highlight). Ashley and Claire require a different diet, and so they planned ahead with their pb and bars….so for them to share with me, just meant the world to me.

I was a poor planner when it came to this trip when it came to food.

One night we took the kids out for a barbecue dinner. Imagine fondue barbeque…with chopstick. I had rice, chicken that I cooked and a lot of bread. I assumed since I would be cooking my own meat that I would overcook it to ensure it was okay.

And then I got sick.

And the whole plane ride home I felt ill. Roaming somewhere between freezing and hot. And getting sick. A lot. On an airplane. With a barf bag

It was a couple of days after being home that I decided to go see a doctor. After the blood work came back, I had brought home a parasite AND salmonella. I assume it was from that chicken that I cooked. The one night I try to eat something other than bread. Shesh.

I’m feeling so much better and still have no desire to eat any rice. And this experience won’t keep me from going back to Cambodia, or Asia, but I know now that I will need to bring my own food!


A super special thanks to Ashley and Claire who were with me on this journey, not just for the food, but for your support. I love you both.




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