breakfast with dad and flashbacks of school

I consider myself very lucky to have a dad that I truly enjoy. He came up and met me for breakfast this morning so that we could catch up on a couple of things. I took him to Empire State South – partly because I wanted him to try the amazing food and partly because I will miss it when I move back into my parents house at the end of September.

He mentioned a service that he attended yesterday of a friend of his from highschool, Chris Condrey, and subsequently, the father of a friend of mine from school. He shared stories about going to College Park Highschool where if your hair was too long, you’d be sent home. He laughed when telling about he and Mr. Condrey being sent home. What a different time it was that the concerns of the school and of parents was hair…

As dad told stories, I thought about my own classmates and the times that we shared. I had a pretty great life roaming the halls of Suder, Mundy’s Mill and Jonesboro. I’d like to think that although most of those friendships have drifted, that our time with each other wasn’t lost. That I’ll look back and smile when an old classmates name is mentioned, much like dad did.

Towards the end, Dad mentioned that after highschool graduation, Mr. Condrey’s girlfriend at the time, had given him a bible. Either it was engraved, or she had written in it, I can’t remember what he said. But the story was told at the service that Mr. Condrey had been reading it recently.

We don’t always know the impact we have on someone. And I’m sure when his girlfriend passed along that book, she never would have imagined how it would be used. It’s humbling to think that our words and actions (good or bad) can stay with someone for so long – makes me want to speak words of love and grace in abundance.


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