Christmas with the Browns

Before I can update you on the Christmas Gift that keeps on giving, you need to go here and read my previous post. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me bring you up to date. Christmas this year, Nana brought out yet another riddle for our enjoyment. Knowing that our last riddle ended up with us having our very own cemetery plot, we all were prepared for a vast array of options. Part of the riddle included:

You might say it’s written in stone, and it will last longer than a bone.

The gift will be displayed on a rock, so you can see it around the clock.

I’m not sure how you can end up BACK in the cemetery on Christmas, but we did. Nana was gifting us with our names engraved in the Brown Family marker previously placed in the plot. The rush of emotions that one feels knowing that their name will be marked on a grave is immeasurable. On one hand, it’s kinda creepy seeing your name on a headstone. But on the other hand, knowing that my name will be preserved in my family history is kinda cool. A couple of things to mention though…

1 – I’m a girl who eventually hopes to get married. And believe me, I’m not the only one with this hope, I’m pretty sure this request is on the top of my parents prayer list at church. But, when I grow up and marry off, I won’t even be considered for a space in this plot as I’ll have to go be buried with the husband. So, point for the engraved Christmas gift as generations to come will know I was apart of this family.

2 – The monument was removed and the engraving was done off site. There are 7 spots already taken for the great-grandkids…leaving 3 spots remaining. I’m not sure if my cousins are lining up to have any more children, so that leaves myself, my younger brother David and my younger cousin Brian. None of us are married. We are so not married, that there are weekends that mimic that of versions of our 21 year old selves…that’s how unmarried we are. But, if there are only 3 spots left, a little competition may be in store. Nobody wants to have the kid that’s name doesn’t make it on the wall.

3 – My first thought when I saw the finished product was that I should have brought a black crayon and piece of paper and trace my name, a la Vietnam Veteran’s Wall.

4 – My daddy met me out there this past weekend. It was a gorgeous Saturday and we spent a little while walking the grounds. He told me that he used to come out and clean up around the cemetery with his dad, my Pop, who is buried there now. An act of service that he still does, in honor of those people who came before him. And knowing my tender-hearted little brother, he may follow in my dad’s footsteps to preserve the gravesite.

For as strange as this Christmas gift is, I’m pretty lucky to be a part of a family who values who we are and where we came from. They don’t make families they way they used to. We work at it. Busy schedules, a growing family, and distances add to the reasons we have to work at it. But, I know we’re lucky to have each other. And to that future husband out there, you’d be lucky to have us too. And also future husband, hurry up so we can snag one of the last remaining great-grandkid spots!

If you didn’t read the other article, here is the picture from our Christmas morning many years ago. Normal Christmas morning picture.





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2 Responses to Christmas with the Browns

  1. Allison Rizk says:

    Now you KNOW this is my favorite post you’ve ever published. 🙂 Love the Brown family plot and Nana is the TRUTH!!!

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