Daniel Fast Conclusions

I promise that at the start of the Daniel Fast,I knew nothing was going to come out of it. I’d done fasts before. And I don’t think that during the time of the fast I recognized what had happened, but in hindsight, as it always is, my change(s) became clear.

After almost 6 years at my job, I gave notice that I was leaving the company. Without another job lined up. Wait, let me back up…


Exactly one week prior to my notice, I had taken the day off and was puttering around my parents house with Page. I had previously (with the help of the J’s) put a resume together, so in my down time on this Monday, decided to search out some jobs in the Atlanta area. After applying to a couple of positions a thought crossed my mind…what if you could do whatever you wanted. What would it be? And for me, it was combining my executive assistant experience with serving the people of Africa. I google “exec assistant Africa” hoping that a mission organization in the states needed me. Then popped up “Executive Assistant in Nairobi, Kenya”. Knowing my love and history with Kenya, you can understand why I applied for the position. Applying doesn’t mean I’m going to take the position if offered. That’s what I was thinking at the time.

The night before I gave notice at work, a friend said that sometimes you just have to jump and hope that the world catches you. So, I jumped.

And all that kind of trickled out during the Daniel Fast. Some of the actions were after the fact, but they all stemmed from decisions made during that time. And I could write it off as thinking those things could have happened at any time, but they didn’t. For me, they happened during this three week time frame.

I’m still at my job, but only for another month or so to help train my replacement. And I don’t technically have a job lined up (which terrifies my parents and probably a few friends) but I’m at peace about my decision and trust that God has a plan for me. Plans to prosper and not to harm me. Plans to give me hope and a future.

And yes, I could give details into what happened next with AIM, but I’ve opted to shelf that for the moment and focus on where my heart will be for the next 12 days. Battambang, Cambodia. You can follow our team updates at www.cambodiathriller2012.tumblr.com. Just posted tonight is a daily prayer that you can pray with us each day we’re gone!


Until then,

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1 Response to Daniel Fast Conclusions

  1. Allison says:

    Bravest girl I know. Your mission is a lot greater than you know. But I think you already know that deep down-

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