Confessions from the Daniel Fast – Day 12

I’m over salads and need a break from fruit and water. I sometimes find myself planning the gluttonous brunch I will partake in on the day this is over. Rosebuds…I’m looking at you!

– Surviving, would prefer to be thriving.
– Lost 7 pounds.
– Gone to the bathroom more than I care to.
– Spent more time thinking and praying for Takna, Thy and Ya.
– Commiserated with my teammates.
– Cheated twice.
– Found some new recipes that I’ll keep in my cooking arsenal.
– Became jealous over what friends were eating.
– Realized how much I eat, and how big a part food plays in my life.
– Craved coffee.
– And Chickfila.
– Made it through parties and a family barbeque without breaking.
– Took steps to make some changes in my life.
– Thanked God that I only have 9 more days of this.
– Thanked God that it’s not football season while I’m doing this.
– Found this recipe that I can’t eat now but can’t wait to try:
– Been reminded that why I’m doing this, and why I’m going.
– Been humbled by the financial support of my friends and family, but especially by my Kenya team members.
– Thankful to have a new experience to bring me closer to God. I think we can get stagnant only experiencing God one way, and I know I’m guilty of that.

Until then,


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1 Response to Confessions from the Daniel Fast – Day 12

  1. Adam Stovall says:

    Hey Amanda – I did the Daniel Fast about 3 months ago and the most amazing thing that happened for me physically actually occurred in my brain. No kidding, I felt like I could actually think more clearly. Of course, that only strengthened my ability to focus on the spiritual clarity I was hoping for. I hope you find the clarity you’re looking for!
    Best wishes,

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