Confessions from the Daniel Fast – Day 1

Day 1: Today my team started the Daniel Fast. Well, maybe we should back up to Friday night. I met up with some of my top people to try out a new restaurant in Decatur specializing in wine and funnel cakes. Knowing that this fast was coming up, we indulged in the left side of the menus and several Manhattans. Saturday morning it was a lazy brunch with an extra side of french toast and coffees. Saturday night (and what a beautiful Saturday night it was) I danced the night away with friends and family at Anna and Brett’s wedding. So, to recap, a completely gluttonous and wonderful weekend. Then I woke up this morning…

Daniel 10:3 – I ate no delicacies, no meat or wine entered my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, for three whole weeks.

So, three weeks it is. Three weeks without meat, dairy products and bread. Basically, my own personal nightmare. I have already thanked God that I don’t have some health issue that makes it so that I can’t eat those items on an otherwise normal day. But other than that praise, I haven’t been able to count anymore concerning this fast.  In the past when I’ve fasted, I’ve never felt the connection to God, so praying that this time it’s different. Personally, if I want to feel connected to God, I get outside. Maybe I should have taken off on a three-week hike instead.

At the end of the day, it’s for the team. And I’m a part of this team. So, if you’ve got room on your prayer list, add me and my team to the list during the next three weeks. That we get filled up on the Lord in our times of want. And, if you have any vegan-ish style dishes that I should know about, let me know!

Thanks for listening to a hungry girl.

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