That’s my mother…

I love my mother. Period. However…she has this ability, unlike anyone else I know, to drive me complety insane. And she does it with such ease these days, it’s kind of scary. But, she is a mother who has always supported me, encouraged, me, soothed my wounds, and loved me. So, mom, this list is for you.  🙂

Updated as of 5/7/15:

Thank you…

For laughing  at the moments when I realize that I am actually becoming my mother. You knew this would happen. And I now have the plants at home to confirm it.

For keeping both Dakota and Page at the Brown Bed and Breakfast for pets.

For putting up with that phase of life when i was overly dramatic and emotional – aka, the teenage years.

For taking the time to rediscover each Christmas ornament as you pull it out of the box. relishing over the person who gave it to you, and hanging each one with pride on the tree. That will always be a Christmas memory for me – seeing how much you enjoy decorating the tree.

For making reading such an important part of growing up. Even when we didn’t want to read, we just wanted the pizza hut pizza for Book It.

For not saying anything about our “family trips” being to Miami, or Charlotte, or Nashville for Tech Football Games. I’m sure you had something else in mind for a family vacation.

For making the deviled eggs and potato salad without the green crunchy things in them.

For praying for me. In my lifetime, I’ve certainly given you a lot of reasons to pray for me.

For answering David and my questions about who you were when you were younger. I’d like to think we would have been friends back then.

For letting me make really questionable fashion choices while growing up. You have the strength of a giant to let me walk out of the house in some of those outfits…

And for putting up with David and my sass and wit. You made us this way. Just remember that everything we do and say is done and said in love.

Previously posted:

Thank you for…

Keeping me grounded when I get flighty about life decisions.

Telling me that you don’t know what God’s plan is for me, but reminding me that he has one.

(ummm…how awesome is Dad’s hair and beard in that picture??!)

Reminding me that we had a lot when I always wanted to compare myself to the kids on the lake.

Embarrassing me with your teacher sweaters, Halloween costumes and light bulb earrings. You were such a great elementary school teacher.

Not punishing me for drinking at Beth’s house when I got the chickenpox in high school. I promise, the chicken pox were worse than any punishment you could have given.

Shielding my eyes when Madonna’s Like A Prayer came on tv. It really wasn’t appropriate for me.

Making dance recitals, softball games, piano recitals, girl scouts, swim practice and every school performance a priority. I always knew you were in the audience. How you did that and held a full time job, I will never know.

Taking me to get a perm. You were right, that was a horrible look for me.

Trying to hide the fact that David is your favorite child.

Making it easy to laugh growing up. Remember that time you showed us your heart tattoo?

Showing me grace when I didn’t deserve it.

holding back the laughs when I cut my own bangs.

not forcing me to eat at Olympia pizza. Or meatloaf.

loving dad. I have learned how to love by watching you.

letting me travel the world. Because of your sacrifice, I have seen things that you have not.

for telling me to “drive carefully” whenever we get off the phone. Even at 31, you remind me that I am still your little girl.


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7 Responses to That’s my mother…

  1. margl83 says:

    Our moms sounds very similar! What a sweet post.

  2. This was so sweet Amanda. You make your mom proud!!!! You both are awesome!!!

  3. jillianstravels says:

    I love this! And I love you. And Ruth. Well said, dear friend…well said.

  4. Brian Boster says:

    That was so sweet! – Sounds like my mama! =)

  5. Ginger Foshee says:

    I loved reading what Amanda wrote to you, Ruthie!!!! So where IS that heart tattoo, huh?

  6. AB says:

    Ginger – you’ll have to ask her. 🙂

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