Cambodia Part 1

Carrie Anderson and I, merely acquaintances, went on our first mission trips last year. She to Cambodia. Me to Kenya. Since we were going through the same process, we started communicating more, meeting for dinners and church. I remember sitting with her at H Harper after she got back listening to her stories and looking through pictures. I could see the joy in her eyes, and her love of the children she met on her trip. When I got back from Kenya, she listened to my stories. It was so nice to talk to someone whose heart was changed because of their experience. And it was because of those trips that we became friends. Dear friends.

One Sunday, we met for the 6pm service at church, and upon walking in were headed this bulletin:
So of course we thought it was clear that we were supposed to go back. I mean, our church sends people to several countries to serve…and these were the two that they chose?!? Well, unbeknownst to me, Carrie began praying that I would go to Cambodia with her.

A handful of months late, I was headed to Cambodia. And I’m so glad she thought enough of me to want to share in her story with her. I’ll share other favorite moments of mine later on, but I must admit that seeing Carrie with those kids, in the place that makes her heart happier than it’s ever been, was a proud moment for me. It was such an honor to watch her and everyday it became a highlight for me.

In addition to Carrie being a great friend to me, she also drew my name as her Secret Encouragement Partner for the trip. Each day I woke up to a sweet letter from special people in my life. Girls from my Kenya trip. My parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. My dearest friend. Each letter filled with love and encouragement. I will be forever grateful for Carrie’s thoughtfulness to include them in my days.

My heart is so full of joy from the days spent with those kids. Because of Carrie’s desire to have me experience those kids and the Lord in this way, my life has forever changed.

Thank you, Marimar.

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