adventures in wonderland

Colorado, you provided the perfect backdrop to conversations with Rose, adventures, and ticking off a few of those #35newthings. As with most travels, pictures tell a better story than I ever could.

#12 of #35newthings – SNOWSHOEING


#13 of #35newthings – Chopping Wood


Cabin Life – also known as “cabin without running water and electricity life”

#14 of #35newthings – Frozen Lake Activities


Miscellaneous Colorado Stories

It’s been 3 years since I first met Rose in Uganda. And, I am so unironically blessed at her friendship and role in my story. Thank you for being the most gracious host, Rose! Here’s to all our hopes and dreams and travels! See you in Peru hiking Machu Picchu!

2016-01-24 15.01.35

And if you’re keeping tabs, here’s the ever growing, albeit very slowly, list of #35newthings:

1 – Cook a steak
2 – Slow dancing in Piedmont Park to Ray Lamontagne’s You Are The Best Thing
3 – JeJu Korean spa with Kristen
4 – Blue Hole Falls/watering hole
5 – Book a flight to a country/continent you’ve never visited – South America!
6 – Backpacking in Colorado
7 – the Brown’s visit Wrigley Field
8 – Purchase Georgia Park Pass
9 – Hiking Mount Yonah with David
10 – Showing up to a brewery by yourself (Lions Thread Event)
11 – committing to a 12 week class on vulnerability
12 – Snowshoeing in Colorado
13 – chop wood to stay warm at a cabin without running water or electricity
14 – walk on a frozen lake

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