May the forest be with you.

My favorite activity in Helen is early morning front porch sitting. With coffee. When all the world is quiet, except for the sounds of the river below. This morning, it’s a brisk 32 degrees outside, and I could use a few more layers of clothing on…

Yesterday the brother and I drove up to Mount Yonah for a little hiking adventure. He’s done Yonah before as a kid, but nothing about it seemed familiar to me. It’s a 4.4ish mile hike up and back. With gorgeous views from the top. It’s got boulders to climb over, granite steps, steep inclines and gradual inclines (the gradual ones are the sneaky ones that slowly wear you down….). For it being such a gorgeous day outside yesterday, we didn’t come across too many people on the trail.



I did get to try out my new hiking shoes. Shout out to Garrett and Graham at REI Perimeter for being such knowledgeable and inspired guides and getting me fit for the right shoe! They worked wonderfully! (My other hiking shoes finally died in Iceland…). They are the Salomon Ellipse GTX Hiking Shoe. Super comfortable. Lightweight. Had enough grip to withstand rocks and leaves and mud and kept me upright. I highly recommend this hiking shoes if you’re in the market…


One we made it to the top, our views were paired with a nice, mildly warm, white wine and a maple bacon chocolate bar. And there we sat. And it was glorious.






With Machu Picchu a handful of months away, David and I have been trying to get out and hike a bit more. An attempt to get the body ready for 4 days of hiking. 4 days of hiking that equals to 27.9 miles, with steep inclines, approximately 1500 steps, and an elevation of 7,972 feet above sea level. I mean, we just hiked 4 miles at an elevation of 3,166. Basically the same thing, right?

We both did say that we need to be more deliberate in our training for Machu Picchu. His goal is to not be the slowest person in our group. And while, I don’t care if I’m the slowest, I just want it to be an enjoyable trip without feeling like I want to give up.

I was just talking with my Iceland Adventure Partner, Anne-Marie about going to Len Foote Hike Inn…so maybe that’s my next hiking adventure?

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday, folks!!


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  1. Larry Middlebrooks says:

    As always, thanks for sharing your adventures! You’re awesome & awe inspiring!

    Love ya, Larry

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