Things I’ve learned while in Spain.

I will be traveling back from Spain soon, and wanted to jot down a few things I’ve learned while here:

– never travel to a city in Europe when AC/DC is playing

– the Spanish culture embraces growing old together

– singing your national anthem in a different country is a reminder that you aren’t the only country

– traveling with someone who embraces life’s curveballs is a necessary

– being with friends and family over a few apps is enough

– not everyone has, or wants the American dream

– traveling makes it apparent that I don’t travel enough

Hope to follow up on these soon! Have missed writing.


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One Response to Things I’ve learned while in Spain.

  1. Jillian says:

    I love those lessons learned…and I love that I can relate to them from my travels last summer. We Americans don’t realize how self-involved we are…there are amazing, wonderful, beautiful other places to live happily ever after. I am so excited for you and this experience!

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