everyone has a love story, you just have to ask

If you ask Clint Dasher and Leila Strickland about their first date, they both will start laughing immediately, and look at each other as if the date had just happened. Clint and Leila lived in Atlanta at the time, and on this hot summer day in 1951, they went to Piedmont Park to go for a swim in the  pool. Being the competitor that he is, Clint dared Leila to a race to the other side, and hoped to show off his skills to her, in an attempt to woo and impress her. What happened next will get Clint so tickled that he can’t finish the story. Before he could reach the other side, there Leila was. The winner.

May 9th, 1952, they were married. The story of how my grandparents met is my favorite story. Grandad is a man of many stories, but his enthusiasm, and the way he transforms into a young man who is still so in love with his bride today, as he was 57 years ago, is never more evident than when he shares this story.

Just recently they were in town visiting, and mom drove them to Fresh Air Barbque, off of 42. Now 42, used to be the road that connected 75 north of Macon, to I-16 through Dublin. My grandfathers parents lived in Hinesville, so when he would travel back home, he would go down 42. Okay, back to the story, as my mom is pulling up to Fresh Air Barbque, my grandfather says “This is where we decided to get married”. My sweet little grandmother said what any girl would say, “I wasn’t sure if you would remember.” What a fun moment. They didn’t know the name of it, and probably never would have shared that story had they not stumbled upon it this day, but here, 57 years later, mom pulled up to the place where he proposed. So here is a picture of the still very much in love Clint and Leila Dasher.

So girls, remember a couple of things. 1 – If ever on a date with a boy and he challeneges you to a competition, not only accept, but give it your all. A victory for you will show your heart and your charm. And 2 – Great love stories can begin at a bar-b-que restaurant.


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2 Responses to everyone has a love story, you just have to ask

  1. Allison Rizk says:

    This is the cutest story ever!!!! Thanks for posting, Ms. Love Bug.

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