you are who you are, wherever you go.

One of things I have loved recognizing in myself this year is that I’m still the girl who loves new music, who values one on one catch ups with friends over a meal, who longs for travel and adventures. Someone who attends kid’s parties and performances, who proudly stands beside the bride on her wedding day, and who counts her brother as one of her favorite people.

I know who I am. And, I like who I am.  It only took me 30 some-odd years to figure it out…


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2 Responses to you are who you are, wherever you go.

  1. You are one of my favorite people and it has been a blessing watching you bloom spiritually and emotionally! I could not be any prouder of you, my forever “work daughter”!

  2. Megan Moroney says:

    I think this is my favorite blog entry yet!

    Love you and miss you.

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