two weeks with my brother

My brother is in the other room sleeping. A valiant attempt to get ahead of the jet lag and time difference. I am on the couch with a rolex and stoney thinking back over the two weeks he’s been here.

It was such a privilege to host David here in Uganda. To show him the people and places I’ve fallen in love with this year. To show him what I’ve been doing since I left America. To show him a different part of the world. And to make a few memories with him along the way.

We traveled just outside of Rwanda to do Mountain Gorilla trekking and stood just a few feet away from them. We were 30kms outside of Congo on a safari. Traveled to the opposite side of the country to view waterfalls. Visited Dwelling Places and let the kids love on him a little bit. And conveniently enough, he helped my roommate and I move some kitchen appliances that we will use in our next apartment. Some friends of mine invited us in their home for a Ugandan meal. We attended a wedding. And rounded out the two weeks with a good ol fashioned night out on the town.

I am exhausted. But, wouldn’t trade the last two weeks with David for anything. I think the thing that surprised me most about his visit is that I became even more proud of him and the man he’s become. And I’m forever grateful for his making the trip out here. For the memories we’ve made. For the time we had together. And for his words of encouragement.

To hear more about David’s trip, well, you’ll just have to ask him.





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