Georgia – just an old, sweet song

the last of the visitors have gone. all my errands run. suitcases packed…for the most part. the only hugs left are my parents and my dog. an alarm set for 1:30 am. and i am exhausted.

i knew when i planned this trip home that i wouldn’t be able to see everyone i wanted to see. i knew it would be tough, but there are a lot of necks out there that i didn’t hug. and that’s tough.

while home, i fell in love with country music all over again. i walked barefoot in the backyard. chased fireflies. drank coffee every morning out of a cup that reminds me of my dad. had 2 panic attacks.. had a quick love affair with southern summer nights. ate barbecue. sushi. mexican. a cheeseburger my dad grilled. bacon. had a pbr. and cheese. lots of cheese. a hotdog at the braves game. was moved by the worship music at church while standing beside people i love. sat across from friends and just caught up, in person. got bronchitis between the humidity and air conditioning. celebrated a marriage. my leap pad computer broke. i drove around in my brother’s convertible thunderbird with the top down and radio up. walked out of tj maxx because the prices were too expensive. got over that real quick. had a panic attack when my mom started telling me about some app on her ipad. snuggled with my dog. laughed with the Brown family over stories and krispy kreme doughnuts. ate too many krispy kreme doughnuts. talked about boys. and about world issues. met sweet baby Davis. and loved every minute of my time here.

Atlanta doesn’t feel like home to me anymore. my home is in Uganda. at least for now. and that is exciting and scary at the same time. it just confirms that i don’t know what life will look like when i finish my time in Uganda.

i am a better person because of you. everything i do is because of a grace-filled heavenly father. i think that i am the luckiest girl in the world to be able to serve God and others in Uganda. and i’m ready to go back.

Philemon 1:7 – Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people

from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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1 Response to Georgia – just an old, sweet song

  1. Carolyn Norton says:

    WOW Amanda, great post! Makes my heart so happy to read this. It was awesome seeing you while you were in Atlanta! let’s chat /skype soon. Love you sister!

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