“far from home, but we’re so happy”

We made it 6 months here, guys! Can you believe it!? There were certainly times around month 2/3 that it was questionable if I’d even still BE here during month 6!
I am now full-time at Dwelling Places. After a little bit of an adjustment, I have settled into a routine, and really enjoy the people I work alongside and the work I’m doing. There are certainly tough days, though, because of the children you work with. They are street kids and come with tough stories. Unimaginable situations. But these kids couldn’t have a better group of people on their side than the people I work with. We are very much a family there. They are my family here in Uganda.
I’ve also connected with another AIM missionary who works with street kids as well – she lets me tag along with her some to visit the boys orphanage. I enjoy my visits there, and feel like I can help them with their homework on most days….unless it’s math day. It’s exciting to feel things come together and a “normal” life pattern start to emerge.
I’ve also squeezed in some fun travel adventures lately. You can read about my time in Sipi Falls here. But, this past weekend, I met up with Kristie and Kendra (two of my dear, dear friends from Atlanta) in Zanzibar! It was just a few days of some much-needed girl time. Every conversation I have in Uganda is with someone who, at most, has known me 6 months. So you can imagine how nice it is to have a conversation with someone who’s known you for years. I am so blessed to know them, and will never forget our time together.
A month from today, I’ll be landing in Atlanta for a whirlwind catch up with friends and family (and my dog!). I’m really looking forward to it – and if you know me well, you know that I already have my calendar filled up with fun plans! But just as it was tough to leave you guys in January, it will be hard to leave my friends and family here. I definitely feel like I have my feet firmly planted in two places in this world – they just happen to be 7700 miles away from each other. 
As my friends, Of Monsters and Men say: “we are far from home, but we’re so happy”. That about sums up my life lately. 
Miss and love you.
ps – there are pictures to go along with this blog, but my internet is being difficult. Africa, shesh.
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