the purpose

After I announced that I’d be coming to Kampala for the year, my dear friend Mandy informed me that one of the girls from her married small group would be serving here the month of February. Mandy introduced Libby and I virtually, and we planned to meet up once she got settled in Kampala

Before Libby could get out of Athens, she was given some sweet treats to give me from Mandy, Kristen and Jim. So I was doubly excited to see her!

Libby and I arranged to meet at Cafe Java on February 9th. A month today from when I left. Unfortunately, Libby’s time here in Kampala was cut short, but that meant that I could send some stuff home with her! Since I showed up to Cafe Java first, I settled in the back corner with my bag of items for her to take back for me.

She walked in with her roommate and a carry on suitcase rolling behind her. A rolling bag filled with stuff from my friends! We spent the next hour swapping stories and commiserating over missing Chickfila, sweet tea and our home church.


We hugged. Made plans for dinner the next night before she gets on a flight back to the states. And I held the carry on suitcase on the bota with me as I headed home.

We met up tonight and chatted like old friends do. I am so sad that she’s leaving back for the states, partly because she’s heading back to Georgia and partly because I feel like I’m losing a friend here.

Her time here was shorter than originally planned. And as she works through the next few days of traveling home, of telling friends and family and working through what her time here may have meant – I hope she  knows that I think her purpose may have just been to be the bearer of hope and encouragement for me.


Safest travels home, Libby! Tell Georgia I’ll see her soon.




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  1. Susie Middlebrooks says:

    I was late subscribing to your blog, though I did read the first one. I love reading them and following your adventures and thoughts and feelings, Amanda. You are especially on my heart today, Valentines Day. As I tell my little kiddos, it’s a day set aside to tell people how much we love them. So here I am to tell u how I feel about u! I think u are an amazing person, Amanda, and I do love you. As I read my Jesus calling each morning I find joy knowing u r reading the same devotion. Today says to give yourself boldly to the adventure of today. That is what u have done for this year! Today’s page really made think alot about u. I’m praying for u. Hope your day brings u unexpected joys! Lovingly, Susie

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