january book report: wrecked

Someone that I follow on twitter, the name escapes me, recommended reading “Wrecked – When a broken world slams into your comfortable life” by Jeff Goins. I was stocking up on books to take to Africa (I know I should use a nook or something more convenient, but I can’t give up holding a book) at the time, so I ordered this one. My prideful self assumed it would say things like “sell your belongings and move to Africa”, something that I was already doing.  That I would feel good about myself while reading. But I was wrong.

I have never highlighted in a book so much – even entire pages at time. It’s one of those books that I think I”ll continue to go back to, because it talks about different stages of life. It equates them to different stages of commitment. Those of you that know me, probably know I panicked a little when it mentioned commitment. But the book explains commitment as an adventure that ultimately leads you home. One instance would be the exciting adventure of meeting and dating someone that evolves into a marriage. But that could be the same for traveling or work or whatever you deem an adventure.

The book talks about being uncomfortable. And learning. Staying put when you want to run. And learning. Walking away. And learning.

“God is shaping you. He is teaching you to wait, to persevere, to become. This is just as uncomfortable as traveling the world or moving to a new state.”

He asks you to take the hard option in life. And that often times we say that God can use us anywhere – but that is just a cop-out to avoid doing the thing you were meant to do. I never got the feeling that he wanted everyone to leave everything and live overseas, I feel like he just asks us step into the inconvenient.

To find out what it means to be “wrecked” by a moment.

So if you’re in the mood to get uncomfortable, you should grab this book. I highly recommend and found it a quick read.

I’ve got a handful of books here, so if I read something worth being mentioned, you know where you can find it. Next up is Baking Cakes in Kigali.

I have some time on my hands.  🙂

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2 Responses to january book report: wrecked

  1. acdugger@att.net says:

    Definitely going to get this one. As you know, I live with my shoes by the door. And the door unlocked.

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