Cambodia – Part 3 and Claire


Morning, guys! Coming to you from a bed in Nashville this morning…

Cambodia, for me, was not about the kids we served each day. It was about the people on the trip with me.

Prior to accepting the position with Africa Inland Mission, I wasn’t really connected with others that were serving as missionaries internationally. So you can understand that oddity that was our Cambodia team when we left Rolanda there in Cambodia and Kate left for China only two weeks after our return. In addition to those two, our other teammates Claire, Carrie and Josh each expressed desire to serve in a more long term capacity.

I think at that time, being surrounded by people who were also making this decision was a blessing. I didn’t feel so alone. And more importantly, didn’t feel crazy.

 And now, I can excitedly share that Claire is making a baby step of faith in serving! She’s been accepted into YWAM (Youth With A Mission). She starts her discipleship training on December 27th in the place that her heart belongs, Cambodia. She needs to raise $8,000 for her trip, so if you’re interested in helping a fellow missionary, let me know and I can get you the info.

I am grateful to know her as a partner in this world who just wants to love on people. And excited that our journeys will be starting at the same time. I anticipate late night skype calls about the people we’re meeting, things we’re missing, and new music!

Also, if I could just quickly thank Buckhead Church, for not only providing opportunities to serve through GlobalX, but for encouraging your congregation to follow God’s will. Without your desire for me to have a growing relationship with God, I can most certainly say that I wouldn’t be here. Grateful for your mission.

You can follow her travels at:


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