The Kenya Sessions: Part 2

Since coming back home from my trip, I’ve been wondering how the experiences will translate into my life here. I didn’t come back wanting to sell all of my belongings and move to Africa, but I do know what a servant’s heart feels like now, and I want to continue to be the hands of feet of God. Just not sure what that looks like. I’m prayerfully considering going back to Kenya, but want to make sure it’s where He wants me to be.

I had a chance to have lunch  on Sunday with a friend of mine, Carrie, who traveled to Cambodia earlier this year. (Follow her travels here: )We met through a mutual friend, and bonded over the anticipation of our first mission trips. It’s been good to talk about all the emotions, questions and stuggles that come with keeping those moments alive  after returning from such an experience. It’s been good to know I’m not alone. After a lingering over coffee and stories for hours, we parted ways, knowing that both of our hearts were aching for more out of this life.

Last night I met up with some of my cousins, and their kids, to ride the Pink Pig. My cousins are missionaries, and are in town visiting. They and their 3 boys live across the world from us, living out God’s love. At least that’s what I think they do. Missionaries taking on a country that is in need of God…daily! But when I spoke to the dad, he said that his youngest was asking about missionaries, and made the comment “I think we should be missionaries. God wants us to be missionaries.” He didn’t see he and his family as being a missionary family. He thinks mission work looks like those serving in Africa, complete with mud huts. Ahhh, the wisdom of a child…

I guess his words  resonated with me, that we here, in our comfortable world, don’t see ourselves as missionaries either. But we are. We are called to be missionaries everyday, wherever we are.

So, now I’m nowhere closer to having deciphered what my life looks like going forward, but I’m appreciative for the opportunty to have conversations about it.


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