Kenya Itinerary

Hi friends. A number of you have inquired as to updates on my trip. My standard answer up until now has been, there aren’t any. My shots and financial goals were taken care of early on, so the last few weeks/months have been focused on team building within my  mission trip team. One of my personal challenges during this time has been letting go of control. Control over having a specific itinerary in place. Control over knowing what our days would look like. My dear friend, Glad Simmons, talked to me about the beauty in letting go of our control and putting our faith in God. It’s as if my head acknowledges that the planning will be taken care of, but my desire to put all the pieces in place myself has been insatiable. This part of the process has been a great reminder that God disciplines his children.

Over the weekend we were given our final itinerary for our trip. It looks like we will be working closely with community leaders, churches and a primary school in the area of Ngaamba. On Sunday we will attend a local church and bible study with some of the members. Our work days will be split between doing classroom repair work at the secondary school (work gloves are a requirement…I hope I can find some pink ones) and assisting teachers in leading classroom activities in the primary school. One afternoon we are given the opportunity to go into some of the community members homes to assist them with whatever chores or needs they have around their home. On our final afternoon in the community we will hike the Mawa Hill and participate in prayer at the top, the have our final farewells at the primary school. On our last day in Kenya we are going on a Safari, and I fully intend to become a nerd and take in every last animal, plant and rock that I see. This won’t be like visiting the zoo, folks.

On our last day, at the airport, I have arranged to meet with my compassion child, Geoffrey before we depart for home. I have been given a list of “gift” suggestions for him and somehow have to figure out how to get gifts and mission trip needs into a suitcase that can only weigh 50 lbs. I’d wear the same pants every day if it meant I could pack more bubbles and soccer balls for him.

One final thank you for all of your financial support, your loving words of encouragement and your prayers. I will probably be out of communication while I am away, as I want to fully devote my time and thoughts to the trip. (Don’t worry mom, I will let you know when I land).

I would like to go ahead and give a public shout out to two very special couples whose weddings I will miss while I am away. Kyle and Kim will be getting married on October 21st and Amelia and Zach on October 22nd. I wish you all the happiness on the day of your nuptials, and look forward to swapping stories when we all return from our trips!


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