Kenya – 2 Months and 4 days away…but who’s counting?

Jambo!  (Hello in Swahili).

Don’t get excited, I only know a few words, and certainly won’t be spouting off Swahili next time we sit down to dinner together, but figured I could practice at least “Jambo!” on you fine folks.

Just a couple of quick updates:

The community in which we are serving, Ngaamba West was finally approved for a well, after 3 years of trying. The rig showed up on site last week, and they hit water after only 40 feet. The community threw a party to celebrate. Certainly a reminder of how fortunate we are to have running water that we use on a daily basis. May we all find daily reasons to throw our hands up and rejoice for our many blessings.

*After rereading this, I was reminded of a story. Do you remember the news story was about the little girl, Jessica, who had fallen into a well? The theme song for her rescue was Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror”. File this under random facts I remember from my life.I also remember thinking that she was trapped in a WHALE and not a well…being raised a good christian kid and all. It was 1987, I was 7…I had an imagination. Anyways, if you were wondering whatever happened to Baby Jessica, she is married with two kids living only 2 miles away from where the well incident happened, in Midland, Texas. Thank you, google.

I also received word today that there was a vehicle accident yesterday involving children from the primary school in Ngaamba. There are many confirmed deaths, and many other serious injuries. While there are other 410 missionaries in the area, none of the US team was involved in the accident. So another plea for prayers, starting today, regarding the community, the families affected, and the school involved.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me financially on this journey. Because of your faithfulness and generosity, not only has my goal been reached, but it has been exceeded! Please note that any additional monies raised will go towards the team and the community. You can still donate at: Again, a million “thank you’s” and neck squeezes are coming your way!!

I feel as if this time before my trip is on fast forward, or maybe that’s just the way life moves these days now that I’m in my 30-ish years. And since patience has never been a virtue of mine (you can add that to your prayer list while we’re at it), I am thankful that the days leading up to the trip will be filled with celebrations of life and love…and college football.

Thank you for continuing to showering me with love. One of my friends said that they would be on a mission field through me while in Kenya, and I hope that you all feel the same way.

Tutaonana Ten! (good-bye)

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1 Response to Kenya – 2 Months and 4 days away…but who’s counting?

  1. carrie says:

    i’m so glad you met your goal! i cannot wait to hear about your trip. I hope the days don’t pass too quickly for you while you are there or when you return.

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