Operation Kenya

Dear Friends and Family,

A few years ago I applied to a mission trip through my church, and was denied being a member on the trip. It was disappointing to be rejected by the place where I thought everyone was to be accepted. I didn’t understand why someone who wanted to help others would be denied the opportunity. And I began to pull away from the church, my small group, and God.

Last year after living my life for me, with one foot in our world, and the other foot dangling in the pool of my faith, it all fell apart. I was humbled by some experiences in my life, and had to take a hard look at myself. It was one of those really ugly periods where you wonder how you got here. I just realized I could no longer keep up with the facade that everything was great in my life, and I gave in. And ultimately gave over my frustrations, fears and troubles to God. And ever sense then, he’s been at work in me.

Because of the changes he was making in me, I decided to apply again for the mission trip that I was once denied. This time I was authentic in my application. I was sincere about going to Africa for the purpose of being a servant to others, and not so much about the stamp in my passport. Because, to be honest with you, had I gone previously, I would not have been good for anyone because of all the help I needed. And just last week, my acceptance letter came in. I am going to KENYA!

Why Kenya? Great question and my answer is “I don’t know”. For some reason, I just have a soft spot for Africa. I’m not sure when it started, but it’s there. I was connected with my Compassion child, Geoffrey a few years ago, and he is from Kenya. He’s in the equivalent of our 2nd grade now. Loves the color blue and soccer. We exchange prayer request and praises over his accomplishments in school. This boy across the world from me has my heart, and I am excited to go to his country and serve. My hope is that we can arrange a meeting for us, but with some of the details being unknown at this point I am not sure. I will certainly keep you updated if there is a chance for us to meet.

What I know so far about our trip is that we will be working in a community focusing on service projects that are needed like water projects, construction and renovations and teaching within the schools. I also have been told that it will take 24-ish hours to make it here. Given my anxiety surrounding flying, I would ask that you go ahead and start praying for me. I also understand that there will be an enormous amount of hugs and laughter, songs and dance and life changing moments going on during the trip. I welcome all experiences and hope to share those with you through my journey. The dates of the trip are October 20-29th, 2011.

What I need from you is any combination of the following:

1 – Prayer. Prayers for me. For my team. For our group leader. For Travel. For safety. For a bold experience. For the people of Kenya we meet. And prayers for the preparation leading up to trip.

2 – Encouragement. Follow me here on the blog as I prepare for this trip. I also am a big fan of the written word and would love your letters to open while on the trip.

3 – Financial Support. The goal for my trip is $3650. The monies raised will go to travel as well as supplies to carry out our service help within the community.

Please know that I do understand the financial strains that are placed on each of us and I am in need of prayers and encouragement, as much as I am for financial support. Because of your support, I will be a vessel of light and love in the community. I could not do this journey without you.

To give…

1 – Go to https://my410bridge.org/albrown9802
2 – Click on “donate” on the left hand side
3 – And donate

Thank you in advance for your support. I can’t wait to come back from the trip and share my experiences with you and hope that you walk alongside me as I prepare for this journey.

1 Peter 4:10 – As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.

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1 Response to Operation Kenya

  1. carrie says:

    amanda! amazing series of events to lead you to today! I’m so excited for you and your trip! praying already for the flying… 24 hrs!

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