All About the Passion

Passion: any powerful or compelling emotion, extravagant fondness, enthusiasm or a desire for anything.

I was recently asked to describe the person I saw myself with. As I shifted uncomfortably at the question, I mumbled passion. I then rattled off a number of other qualities that I hoped the person I shared my life with would have. Patience. An adventurous spirit. A childlike heart. The desire to learn. Servant’s hands. The ability to banter and put me in my place when I need it. But the word “passion” is what stuck out to the person I was sharing this with. So they asked…”What about the passion part”.  {Side note, if you just broke out into Pat McGee’s “It’s All About The Passion” then you are not alone. I just got completely sidetracked, you tubed the video, listened to it twice…and now 7 minutes later, I remember I had started writing. Oops. } So, back to the passion part. It was more an open-ended version of the word passion. Sure I want them to be passionate about me. What a great feeling when you are the object of someone’s desire. But what I really meant was the passion that they have. The passion they feel towards something. A hobby. Their work. Something that excites them. Excites them so much that I get excited for them. That I want to them to share that with me. To show me their passion. To teach me what it is that lights that fire in their soul. That’s the passion I desire in someone. And I realize that it’s not just in the person I want to date, but also in my friends.

My friend, Allison, who, like me, is addicted to music. When we met we were both just giddy little girls who wished we could play a larger part in spreading the good words of artist around town and to our friends. She took matters into her own hands and started a music blog. I am so proud of her. It’s a time-consuming passion, and when she’s not watching a concert somewhere, she’s interviewing a band or editing the material. It is a labor of love. Her hard work has scored her interviews with the Civil Wars and S Carey of Bon Iver. It’s that passion that drives her. It satisfies her current place, but keeps her wanting more. You can’t help but get excited about the newest band she’s discovered from Portland…and you rush back home to download their songs.

I have an ex who was passionate about fly-fishing. Fishin’ is not something that I have a “desire” in my heart to do. And although I grew up fishing in the ocean, and in lakes around town, I distinctly remember having my grand-dad bait the stinkin hook for me. Those little worms and crickets were squirmy little guys. Tricky. But, I found his story telling of days and trips spent fishing to be completely exciting. It was an endearing quality to hear him speak of the stillness of the time surrounding those trips. The camaraderie of men. The art of the catch. And when he would tell me about patching waders or making his own fly-thingys…I knew it was important to him. He got excited about the details. And I got excited for him. I actually WANTED to go fishing with him. I’m not even sure if he knew that was one of my favorite parts about him, but it was.

Another friend is making his way in the world today playing his guitar and writing songs. He’s an amazing man who loves God, his mom, and music. As he holds strong to his beliefs and morals, he is up against an industry that pushes that. The music industry is not an easy playground to play in. But he still pushes on. There isn’t another option for him. Music is it. And his latest go around in music is more true to who he is than ever. You see, in the music industry, they have the ability to find people they can mold into who they want you to be. What they want you to look like, and what they want you to play. And for some, the desire to make it in the industry means succumbing to those request. For my friend, he is determined to make it on his own terms. He has a story and he wants you to hear it. It just comes in the form of a beautifully written song. His passion keeps him going, even when others tell him he doesn’t have “it”.

My sweet Anne-Marie has a passion for life and wants to be a vessel of light and love in the world. My mom’s passion is for knitting. She’ll knit a scarf for the state of Georgia if I don’t stop her soon. Dad’s passion is the drums. He was in a garage band when he was young, and he has recently set up his old silver glitter drum set in my parents’ bedroom. Jillian has a desire for food. If you have the chance to sit across from her while she eats, you may actually hear her squeal with delight at whatever she just ate. And if you see her during the “To Kill A Mockingbird” portion of her school year, well be prepared to see a woman whose heart flutters and hands clasp at the mere mention of the book’s title. Her kids are lucky to have her as their teacher. Seth is passionate about art and photography. His work is amazing.  Seth…I need your website so I can show your work!

I recently went on a date with someone who was void of passion. It was through the course of our courtship that the importance of passion revealed itself to me like never before. I would prefer you to be passionate about barbecue sauce than nothing! I mean, at least the desire of barbecue sauce would have you stopping off at every wooden shack on the side of 75, collecting stories and bottles! And I want that passion for you. I want there to be something in your life that warms your heart, and makes your heart beat fast just because.

Passion is important. And if you’re lucky, you can find a way to live off of your passion.


Recommended Background Music: Pat McGee – Passion

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  1. Jillian says:

    I love this post, Amanda. I am so thankful to have friends who not only understand passion, but have their own that they pursue. It bonds us all unforgettably. Sometimes our passions can make us seem a little kooky to the rest of the world, but that is a risk I will take to talk about the food, the music, the words that make my world go ’round.

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