Snow Doubt About it.

Last week when the entire city of Atlanta was covered in a blanket of snow, my heart was kept warm by the faces around me. A Sunday brunch with friends turned into an Old Man Winter slumber party for two days. Complete with afternoon movies, karaoke and some dance moves. Luckily no one’s underwear was frozen.

After being held hostage by the snow, I knew I had to make a break for it on Tuesday morning before the ice set in. Once back in my part of town, I began to fall in love with my neighborhood, and the city all over again. Everyone was out walking. Walking with kitchen pans and kayaks. Making their way to Piedmont to take on the hill by the lake. Please know that both kids and the adults had the same grin on their faces.

I walked uphill in the snow, both ways, to meet some friends at the Nook a few blocks away. When I walked in, it was as if this midtown hangout had been transformed into a ski lodge. At 2:00 in the afternoon, on a weekday, the place was packed. I feel like the entire city of Atlanta needed a break. A break from life. Here we were forced to enjoy these moments of life because, well, we couldn’t do anything else.

As cabin fever set in for some, and groceries and alcohol disappeared from cabinets, most people ached for the return of normalcy. Not me. I skirted through the streets of midtown breathing in as much of this time as I could. Everything still looked clean and peaceful in a city that is usually home to shootings and theft. Really, how could anyone want to do harm with all that snow on the ground?!

With the snow almost gone, grocery stores have milk and bread again, and our lives have started to mimic that of a city of 4.9 million people, I think back to last week and it’s adventures. 1 – I find God’s timing and his placement of people in our lives to completely humorous, if not bittersweet. And 2 – I am reminded of that quote from An Affair To Remember: “Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories”.

Hope you had snowballs and love last week!

Background Music Recommendation: Snowed In With You by Over The Rhine

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