Lunch with friends and dinner with friends.

Last year on January 1, I threw a lunch party for some of my favorite peeps. With the end
of the year nearing, I figured I’d close out my year by hosting again. The fellowship and relationships formed around a dining room table are special, and I enjoy providing a space for those “ships” to happen.

The menu was a breaded chicken, Paula’s Macaroni and Cheese, Aunt Pam’s sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts. I don’t think many people like brussels, so I thought I’d throw some on everyone’s plates for good measure. My place is small, so we fit snug around the dining room
table. My brother, David, just got back from the Philippines, so he filled the room with laughter as he told us of his adventures over seas. I made a Lunch With Friends playlist of some of my current
favorite tunes. (Special thanks to Lindsay Miller for her unparalleled taste in music). Here are some of the must haves:
Black and Blue – Miike Snow
Black River Killer – Blitzen Trapper
Cats and Dogs – The Head and the Heart
Chew Tobacco Rag – Woody Pines
Dance With Me – The Sweet Remains
Feeling the Pull – The Swell Season
Heaven’s On Fire – Radio Dept
In Spite Of Ourselves – John Prine & Iris DeMent
Modern Man – Arcade Fire
Tuesday Letter – Greensky Bluegrass
Windows Are Rolled Down – Amos Lee

I love being caught off guard and realizing how lucky you are. As I looked around the table at each of my friends’ sweet faces, I felt overwhelmed by joy. Each of those people had played a part in my
year, a part in my story. Some stories were good and some were messy (mud pits and running mascara), but in 2010, my memories were held in their hands.

After an over indulgence of food conversation, they walked out my door. The once pristine tablescape gave way to empty plates and half full glasses. I carried everything into my
tiny kitchen, and piled them up. As I put the food in the fridge I  silently cursed myself for not sending everyone home with a to-go box for a future meal. I met my brother and cousin, Cy out to watch the Falcons game. Somewhere between the dirty birds win and the 2 blocks back to my house, a text invite went out to my brother’s roommates. Within an hour my table was filled again with friends and laughter.

As I crawled into bed, I realized just how exhausted I was from the days events. I left all the dishes piled up (please note that I do not have a dishwasher…the simple act of dishes is a labor of love in and of itself) and will attack them with ferociousness tonight.

If my oven and bank accounts will allow, I could see myself having more of these family dinner nights in 2011.


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1 Response to Lunch with friends and dinner with friends.

  1. Lyndsey Ham says:

    I’d love to, thanks 🙂

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