John Mayer-oke

John’s new cd just came out in November. If you were a friend of mine, or my parents, you would know I was talking about John Mayer without mention of his last name. My roomie even laughs that I speak about him like we’re friends. I’m pretty sure if we were to meet today, he would like to be my friend.

I was fortunate enough to see him play Smith’s in Atlanta before he was famous, and I knew then, as I do now, that when he sings, he sings straight to my heart….and to the millions of girls’ hearts around the world. I just tend to forget about them. I traveled in college once 3.5 hours in a car with 4 other people, that I just met in class that day, to see him play in Jacksonville. We caught the show and drove right back to school. Ahhh..the things we do for love.

Anyways, I share in my passion for John with one of my dearest friends, Kiley. The number of shows we’ve seen of his are countless, and the memories made at those shows are irreplaceable. Back in 2003, one of the local radio stations was having a contest to promote John’s upcoming tour. The contest was a karaoke contest in which you would call in, the station would play part of a song, and you would have to sing the remaining line. I have never called into a station and actually gotten through, but Ki not only got through, but was the correct caller to compete. The details are a little fuzzy since I wasn’t listening, but somehow or another, the station played…

“I wanna run through the halls of my highschool…” and Kiley, in her no-talent, regular singing voice comes up with “I wanna scream at the top of my lungs!” I would give anything to hear her sing that line on the radio airwaves. Moments later I get a call from her that she’s won 2 tickets to the show in Atlanta. Kiley being the most amazing friend, and love of John, asked if I would go with her. Tickets to the show!? Absolutely.

She mentioned that the grand prize winner would be chosen in the next few days, and if chosen, then you could trade in your 2 tickets to the Atlanta show, for 2 tickets anywhere that his concert was playing. I will never forget the call from her. I was in my apartment in Duluth, GA, and she calls. I was sitting on the couch…and I could NOT make out a single word she was screaming at me. They chose her! She was the grand prize winner! We looked through the cities and dates, and settled on the New York show over Thanksgiving. I had never been to New York, and Kiley hadn’t been since she was a kid. Kiley and I were both single at the time, and were looking forward to our adventure.

The radio station put us up in an amazing hotel in the middle of times square, and gave us some cash to burn while there. Talking about our antics in New York could be a story alone, and it’s probably best not to say anything to protect the innocent. BUT, I can say the show was amazing. The seats that we were given were not so amazing. So what do two girls on vacay do…seat jump all the way down to the side of the stage. We rocked out and swayed along to all of our favorite songs. What breaks my heart is that we were so giddy and jumped up and down that we never got a picture of him.

That trip. That concert. Those moments shared with Kiley will never be forgotten. I will forever be grateful to her for that experience and allowing me to share in it. Thankfully she’s married, so next time we take off on another John adventure, I won’t have any competition.  😉

Check him out.  He’s going on tour and I already have my tickets to see him in March. I will forever complain about seeing him in large venues because I got to see him in the smaller ones…but when he steps on stage, I revert back to a pre-teen girl, which is made apparant by my screams, and all is well.

If you like John, you should check out Clay Cook. Clay is also an Atlantan native and was John’s roomie back in college. Also check out David Ryan Harris

For the love of John,

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  1. Kiley Baggett says:

    My dear friend…what memories we have made. I remember that trip like it was yesterday! What a blast we had, and the stories I think of every single Thanksgiving are too sensitive to share with the masses, but you know what they are. I giggle every time I think of our escapades with Eric, the bar manager at the hotel, or Vinnie and the “spoon”, ha! What times we had, huh? My memories with you are some of the best I have. Love you my friend!

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