#11 of #35 – being brave

Guys. I am falling behind on completing 35 new things in my 35th year. I’ll be the first to admit it…

11 of 35 isn’t so much something I haven’t done before, it’s just something I’m trying out again. Just to see how it feels.

I used to be in small groups through church. I led small groups. I quit small groups. I attended the socially awkward group link. And it served it’s purpose. And it was a great purpose! But, after the year of living in Uganda, I came back and had a hard enough time signing back up to attend church regularly, that there was no way I was ready to be back in a group of people who wanted to regularly talk about God, or boys, or work, or life problems. I probably needed it…but I wasn’t ready to commit to it. I was just trying to survive America.

So, I’m taking a baby step and committing to a 12 week small group-ish type thing – the Brene Brown Living Brave Semester. And I’m walking through this course with 2 girls I barely know but our paths crossed a few months ago, and each of us longed for community and conversations about God. Since announcing my involvement in the class, I’ve also connected with a few women in my life who were either already signed up for it, or who after learning about it, have since signed up for it. I’m excited about each of these relationships and the conversations around the subject matter, and how it shapes our lives and friendships.

Plus, being in a weekly community of people lends itself to accountability that is easily elusive when you just catch up with friends every so often. I’m certainly hesitant about jumping into the vulnerability aspect of the weekly sessions, but could stand to grow a bit in that arena. Vulnerability. (sigh)


I’m also excited about the course. It’s focused on living brave. Being bold in life. And courageous in decisions. One of the things, Brene says in the very beginning is that ” we are MOST ALIVE when we are being brave.” I can attest to that because the times in life I have felt most alive are those times I took chances. And I want that. And there are things in life I want, but it will take being brave, and those baby steps of faith to get there.


If you’re interested in the subject matter of the book or the course, I’d be happy to talk to you about it, or bring you into the conversation! The semester just started so there’s time for you to join in. Upon listening to the first online session I thought, “this person really could benefit from this course.” If you think I’m talking about you, you’re probably right. Be brave with me!

So, here’s to being brave in 2016! And to trying 23 more new things in 6 months…




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2 Responses to #11 of #35 – being brave

  1. Allison says:

    I love what Brene Brown puts out online. Tell me more about this course!

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    • AB says:

      I’d love to! The first session was great – short. To the point. Lays out a plan for determining what motivates you, keeps you focused, causes you to get distracted…excited for the following weeks!

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