#10 of #35 -showing up by yourself

I think sometimes when you’re in your own city, you get really comfortable. For instance, if you lived somewhere else – in a new city – and an event were happening that you were interested in, you’d be more apt to go by yourself, than if it were in your own town. That’s what happened tonight…to go by yourself or not to go by yourself. That is the question.

But first, let’s back up. I’m still trying to acclimate myself to the twitter community (after deleting it back in early 2013), and only can stand to follow a few of my favorite people and places….Monday Night Brewery being one of them. Because Fu Man Brew is my go to beer. Tonight, they tweeted out about a partnership with Lion’s Thread a local business that makes ties and bowties that benefit women in, wait for it…UGANDA!!

So immediately I became consumed with the organization. And the event. I frantically sent out text to anyone that is interested in Uganda, beer, or me and came up empty handed on having a meet up partner.

So, I sat. And considered it. And you know why I decided to go…because of this #35newthings blog. Because this is not something I would do…at least not here in my own town.

But, I’m so glad I went.

First of all, it’s Monday Night Brewery. And that really is enough. But, second of all, I got to meet the people behind Lion’s Thread, learn more about the business, and meet people who know and love Uganda as much as I do. We freely spoke of life in Uganda, rolexes, and wanting to see the people who live there thrive. It was…refreshing.


So, quickly, about the organization – they are based out of Iganga, Uganda, which isn’t far from Jinja. (Source of the Nile. Where we white water rafted. Nile Brewery is there.) It was started out of the hearts of two women who wanted to create a sustainable way to support orphans in Uganda. As I, and most other missionaries and non profits can attest to, fundraising is not always easy. So coming up with ways to have non-profits fully sustain themselves is a desirable solution. And if it can not only be self sustaining, but provide for financial stability for women, all the better! Which is what Lion’s Thread is doing. They have a line of bow ties and skinny ties. And taken from their website, in addition to Lion’s Thread employing the finest Ugandan craftswomen and raw materials, they are making you look incredibly dashing.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.14.09 PM.png

And for two very special men in my life….incredibly dashing is in your future! And currently, the first two presents under my tree! Hashtag: brown paper packets tied up with string!


In addition to making gorgeous ties, the non profit that benefits from Lion’s Threads is The African SOUP is hosting their Inaugural Pearls and Bow Ties event on December 6, 2015. It’s a cocktail event and will have a silent auction, live music, and dancing from the Uhuru Dance Troupe! If you’re interested let me know and we can be fancy together as we sip cocktails in our pearls and bow ties!

Tonight reminded me of that time I took a chance and visited the El Camino de Santiago by myself and met one of my favorite soul sisters and fellow travelers, Eleanor. Who, by the way, is currently off adventuring in Belize!

Lean into life, folks!







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