Change happens…One person. One decision. One gesture. One moment at a time.

Well, tomorrow I’ll wake up and be one of those people who works from home. One of the 3.7 million people who work from home, to be exact (according to Global Workplace Analytics). I’m still with my company, but due to some organizational changes and a shift in our focus, we don’t need an actual office space. Hence, me working from home.

Now, I know a lot of people would be thrilled to have this opportunity. And I am. I’m really excited about the flexibility that this comes with, but, I do have a bit of anxiety about it. I’ve never worked from home full-time. Sure, the occasional day every couple of weeks presented itself, and it was glorious!

Roll out of bed.
Make coffee.
Skip shower.
Stay in pajamas.
Make another pot of coffee.
Get comfy on couch with laptop.
Have Kelly and Michael on in the background.
Run that errand.
Eat lunch at Krog Market.
Take a run on the beltline.
Do the dishes.
Snuggle with Page.
Put Ellen on in the background.

But, everyday? Everyday seems lonely. Everyday seems like it leads to going days without showers, or leaving the house, or talking to anyone else. Everyday seems overwhelming.

Thankfully, I have the most wonderful boss who understands my desire to be around other people, and the social aspect of a work environment. I mean, some of my favorite people have come from my previous offices! She gave me some great advice, and tips on making the most of the work day. Plus, I’ve received some great coffee shop recommendations to set up shop in. And who knows, maybe I’ll find a new community of people to be my faux work day buddies at these coffee shops?

Also, my place is so tiny, so I had to be creative with a work space in my home. But, after a quick Craigslist search, I found the most perfect vanity that will double as a desk. Decorate it with books that were previously wrapped in paper for a baby shower, a simple lamp, and old window pane, and flowers (because, flowers!), and you have the sweetest little work space nook you ever did see!


Change happens…one person. One decision. One gesture. One moment at time. The changes at work will bring about new responsibility, and learning skill sets that I don’t currently have. Working from home will allow flexibility and discipline. Change can bring with it so many blessings, so that is what I’m holding on to. The unknown blessings in my day.

If you fancy yourself the praying type, I’d love for you to consider me over the next few days as I slip into a new routine. And, if someone wants to check on me mid-day tomorrow to make sure I’ve showered, that’d be great, too.  😉

In the spirit of celebrating new music, as a nod to when this blog involved pushing new music on people, and because the song is about change…I present, Langhorne Slim’s Changes:


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One Response to Change happens…One person. One decision. One gesture. One moment at a time.

  1. Randy D. says:

    Hey…..We are social animals…..and agree that it can be isolating… takes a disciplined person to set up shop at home…..remember to go for a walk…perhaps get a dog…and you are always welcome to set up shop at Babs Midtown… We have free wifi and would enjoy your good karma…Here’s to adventure and #coffeetalk

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