what happens when you ask someone those new york times questions to make you fall in love?

Remember that NY Times article from earlier this year? You know, the one where you ask a stranger questions, a list of 36 of them, and through the course of those questions, you fall in love? This one here: To Fall In Love With Anyone Do This.

At the time, I was being courted by a really wonderful gentleman who passionately voted differently than I do, and didn’t believe in God. Over the dinner he cooked for me one night (I mean, he really is a good man), I pulled out these questions. We opted to go for the lighter topic ones, but volleyed back and forth through the questions and our responses. One of the questions that I asked him was, “If you knew you were going to die in a year, what would you do differently?” His response, “sleep with as many women as possible”. I was rendered speechless. Actually, that’s a lie, I think I squeaked, “really!?”. He asked me what I would do, and my response was that I would travel the world. And invite people to meet me places to create memories.

The Part B of the question is, why aren’t you doing that thing now? And, as I headed home that night, the Part B of the question kept me up. And the reason is that I wasn’t making it a priority.

Since that night in February, the really great guy who just wasn’t a good fit for me, and I, broke up. No one is surprised. I’ve also picked up a part-time job at REI, which has been so rewarding in so many ways. And I’ve booked a roundtrip flight to Iceland with a girlfriend of mine to finish my 34th year well.

2015-04-21 19.27.05

Why Iceland?! Well, it was just on the tip of everyone’s tongue at the time. A dear friend of mine had just traveled there. A contact from work had married and honeymooned there. Of Monsters and Men are from there. And, I was told about some super cheap* flights from the states there. All of that came together for the perfect storm. Plus, it’s Iceland! Doesn’t it just sound otherworldly and like a place that longs to be traveled to!?

Since booking that flight, I’ve been consumed with the history of, and facts about, Iceland. In the nerdiest way possible. Feverishly taking notes and jotting down places to visit. My friend that I’m going with is more of a go with the flow, no real plan in place. And, I love that about her! It’s just that, I can’t seem to find enough stories, or travel suggestions about all the possibilities that lie before us!


Consider this your heads up as I’m compiling a list of all the fascinating things I’m learning and will be inviting you to enjoy all that Iceland has to offer along with me! If you’ve ever been to Iceland yourself, and have some words of wisdom, or travel tips for me, bring ’em on!

And that dear friend who recently traveled to Iceland? She’s currently in Thailand. You can visit her blog and follow her around the world if you fancy: http://eleanoraroundtheworld.com/

Also, I’m curious, what happened when YOU asked someone those 36 questions?

Until next time,

*when determining just how cheap flights are, make sure you are doing the conversion in the proper currency. for instance, the british pound is not the same conversion rate as the icelandic krona.

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One Response to what happens when you ask someone those new york times questions to make you fall in love?

  1. Jess says:

    I hope you post an amazing blog with photos of your trip! Iceland is on my list as well. 🙂

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