but I don’t wanna take my christmas tree down…

Sitting in the quiet this morning, in my pjs, with my coffee served in my high school mug (JHS c/o 98, holla!), and the christmas tree lit, I can’t help but wish Christmas still had some weeks left to it. Not the hectic schedules and traffic part, but the small moments filled with overwhelming joy.

For me, this season was truly magical. It was a season that was more about nostalgia and the gift of time than anything else. It was holiday brunches with women who have hearts for Jesus and serving internationally. It was a long-standing tradition of an ornament exchange with women who’ve known each other 10 years. It was watching my dad find so much joy in being Santa Claus for our friends and family. It was brunch with a newly engaged couple who met earlier this year. It was a prayerful coffee with a friend who is being obedient to God’s call for her life, as she moves to SE Asia in January. It was watching my best friends become parents for the first time. It was contagious belly laughs with my cousin on Christmas Eve. It was a late night dance party to 90s hip hop in the sketchy part of town. It was receiving hand-made knitted items from my mom, and from dad, a restored cutting board and cast iron pan from my grandmother. It was a candlelight Christmas Eve service that made my soul shake in a way it hasn’t in a while. It was watching a group of girlfriends give shoes, and coats, and books, and a soccer ball to the Congolese refugee family I work with. And it was sitting around a fire pit with my brother while he tried to teach me how to chop wood.

IMG_3778 10891457_10152859347955901_8207343686958798567_n 10685368_10152856949495901_1163434767234345691_n 10306316_10153446567077468_4038353929999768179_n photo-8


It was about moments. Not gifts. And, so as I look at my tree this morning, and all the ornaments that I’ve collected,  I don’t really want to take it down. I want to sit here and be reminded of God’s faithfulness. Sure, I don’t need a Christmas tree to remind me of that, but in the soft glow of the white lights, it somehow seems easier to count blessings, doesn’t it?

I hope your Christmas was filled with more love and joy than you know what to do with!

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