5 days ago, she put it in the mail

5 days ago was Monday. December 1st.

Sometimes in life, days, or weeks, or months, are tougher than others. And for me this past week was just a tough one. Feeling exhausted by commitments. Overwhelmed by the news. And like I just couldn’t do anything right. I tried each day to get out of my slump: Cut my hair. Wore cute shoes. Stopped by my Congolese friends place for beans and potatoes. Took myself out for breakfast. And each day, something would happen that would that would cause me to slip right back down to where I was.

You know what those days look like.

But today, I came home and had mail. I could NOT be a bigger advocate for mail. Actual, handwritten, thoughtful words, hold in your hand, intentional mail. From my sugar of a friend, Rose.

And she mailed it on Monday. Before my downward spiral of a week started. Before she even knew that my days were not superb.

I tore open the package and in it was a handmade Christmas card from her, and 2 mud bands from Mudlove. One band says “heart” and one band says “loved”.

Side note: Mudlove is a small business that supports clean water efforts in Africa, and also encourages and loves broken people. You should probably go check them out. 


And I know that Rose put the package together, but I see these bands, and I think that God used her as a tool to remind me that I was loved. And if you’re not into the God thing, then this is just a coincidence, but to me, it reminds me that He knows my days. And my struggles. And has a plan. And sets it into motion days before I’m even aware I need to be reminded of how loved I am.

And he used Rose to remind me of that.

Who knows what He’s using you to do. Or me.


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3 Responses to 5 days ago, she put it in the mail

  1. Randy D. Adler says:

    Amen…..and Amanda you are an amazing person in so many ways…… A light shines on you and follows you and all that you interface with.

  2. Larry Middlebrooks says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for using your marvelous gift of communication to remind us of God’s love! Merry Christmas! In His love, Larry

    Sent from my iPhone.

  3. carrie says:

    that made me smile! 🙂

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