life moves pretty fast.

This time last year, I was still thinking that I would be spending the Holidays, and possibly more time in Uganda. I had just started searching the world, and Uganda, for possibilities of what my next move was. And the words, “who is going to want you after taking a year off to play in Uganda” came creeping back in.

And you know those moments where you remember random details? This was one of them. I had been on the phone with my dear friend Kristen, playing catch up on our lives. I got off the phone and checked my email before going to bed. And that’s when I received an email from my Aunt Vickie introducing me to my now boss. And bringing me to a place where I would need to take another leap of faith.

44 (very long and prayerful) days later I would board a plane back to the US with a piece of artwork I bought in Tanzania, and a bag filled with more memories than I deserve. That was, after, a string of impossible goodbyes, and the most glorious pork dinner send off you could imagine with my sweet Ugandan family members. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of them.

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And not that Fall needs to be more wonderful than it already is,but it brings with it the sweet anniversary of when Geoffrey and I were brought together! We’ve been praying for each other across the miles since back in 2008! We’ve had countless letters and 2 visits together. And he fills up my life with so much joy! He’s 12 now, and clearly a boy. As evident by his most recent letter/drawing that I received yesterday:


I think that’s a bazooka? And that’s the police? Boys will be boys will be boys…wherever they are in the world.

Also, Fall makes the anniversary of my first trip to Kenya! The one that ultimately set my heart on a different path, and led me here. It’s super cliché and ridiculous to say, but really, that trip changed my life. And the people I served with on that trip, well, they’ve been this constant flow of love and support and encouragement from the moment we met. And it’s been a true pleasure and joy to watch each of our stories take shape since that trip 3 years ago. We’ve now celebrated a baby, a wedding, moves, engagements, new jobs, and a publishing contract together!





And today, well this very special day, 32 years ago, my favorite person in the whole wide world was born. My little brother, David.



It’s fun to take a moment to take inventory of just how far you’ve come in life – in years, or seasons, or days. We are always moving and growing and changing, and that is to be celebrated.

Life is to be celebrated.
Each day.

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One Response to life moves pretty fast.

  1. Susie Middlebrooks says:

    This is beautiful, Amanda! So glad to read in update on your life. I have missed these blogs. You continue to be one of my favorite people in God’s beautiful world! Much love to you, Susie

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