the end.

It’s December 31st, and I am in my pajamas in a recliner in my parents house. Dad just called my grandmother who, is ironically, not at home. I probably won’t be able to stay awake till midnight.

It is the end of the most perfectly, wonderful year for me, and it is with unabashed hope, that I, that we, begin a new one.

It is also going to be the end of this blog, as well.

I have loved writing. I’ve enjoyed the creative process of putting pen to paper the wildly fascinating details and stories that make up our lives. Because each one of us lives a wildly fascinating life.

And I’ve enjoyed writing to you. My supporters, and friends. And my mom.

I started this blog back in 2008 – and since then, we’ve traveled to Kenya and Spain and Colorado and Cambodia and Seattle. We’ve been to weddings together, and funerals together. We’ve exchanged music together. We’ve been through break-ups together. And we’ve, er, I’ve, grown up in these last 5 years, together.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, as we come to what some may say is “the end of an era”, and the end of 2013, I wish you more love and joy and happiness than you could ever imagine.

The end.


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4 Responses to the end.

  1. Elise Johnson says:

    Happy New Year…. 1.) Be The Change 2.) What You Think You Become 3.) Where There Is Love There Is Life 4.) Learn As If You’ll Live Forever 5.) Your Health Is Your Real Wealth 6.) Have A Sense Of Humor 7.) Your Life Is Your Message 8.) Action Expresses Priorities 9.) Our Greatness Is Being Able To Remake Ourselves 10.) Find Yourself In The Service Of Others…. Amen

  2. Martha Kessenich says:

    Love always!

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  3. Randy D. Adler says:

    Thanks for sharing…and allowing all us to be part of this fantastic adventure…I am positive that 2014 for you will be another fantastic journey…all the best !

  4. Mary Jane Siggins says:

    I will miss reading your blog! Good luck in your next adventure. Peace.

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