take these words and shove it…in an envelope or an email

The more I live life, the more I aware I become of people actually watching what kind of life I live. The only reason I’m aware of it is because they tell me.

You know how at the end of a school year in middle (Mundy’s Mill shout out) and high school (J-O-NES-BORO, holla!), you’d get your friends to write in your yearbook? Words of wisdom for the summer. Words reminding you of the memories of school year’s past. Ridiculous words that will haunt you when you find your yearbook 10 years later and make you cringe with embarrassment. You’d save pages for those friends who you know would take up more space. And you’d tell each other just how important they were to you. Well, how do we get one of those for adults!

Because, as adults, we don’t have way to express how we feel about each other in a book with bad photos, it takes a little bit of gumption to sit across the table from someone, or to write out a letter (or email) and tell someone just how they’ve changed your life. Challenged you. Empowered you. Made you proud. Inspired you. Honored you. Humbled you. Been the kick in the pants they needed. But when it happens to you, when someone surprises you with their words, well, it takes your breath away.

So, if there is “someone” who has made a difference in your life, tell them.

To those who have taken my breath away with your words, thank you. And to Tim who humbled me today with his, thank you. You’ve given a surge of energy to this lonely missionary who was missing home, and missing the point of this life.


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