What exactly do you do in Uganda?

Great question! And one I got repeatedly when I was home…

I work with Dwelling Places alongside some amazing people with big hearts and compassion for days. Dwelling Places works with street children in Uganda, and desires for them to be resettled back with their families, or with another family in a healthy environment…”until every child has a chest to rest his head on and a place to call home.”

I work specifically in the child sponsorship program. So my coworker, Joan, and I, we work with other departments to ensure that children who need sponsorship in any one of their categories (food, housing, education and/or medical) have sponsorship. We have (roughly) 400 children that are currently in the Dwelling Places program, so making sure that they are all sponsored is a big job!

In addition to the Child Sponsorship Program, I’ve also been forcing the staff at Dwelling Places to sit down with me for a little interview. Partly, so I can get to know them better, and partly so you can get to know them better in our Staff Spotlight section on the website. We have 25 staff members, and a handful of volunteers that keep those 400 children moving in the right direction. I stand in awe of their dedication to the Lord and the children.

I wonder, often, how it is that I got to be so lucky in working here. It is the most rewarding, and fulfilling thing I have ever done. It is challenging and humbling. My days are filled with spreadsheets and numbers and sweet faces of the kids. It is an environment where we meet for devotions every morning before work. Laugh every chance we get. And pray together. Often.


If you want to sponsor one of our sweet kids, a staff member, give a general donation, or have a question, just let me know! I am HAPPY to talk more about this amazing organization!


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