visa updates and time

Hello there. I do hope you are doing well.

I wanted to update you all on my Visa situation here in Uganda. As of today, I am still Visa-less. After submitting the paperwork in December, and then being deferred, and held up, and waiting – the board has asked for a copy of my contract with AIM. This is also the same contract that was submitted previously, and lost. But, I will turn the signed contract back into them next week, and hopefully with a little bit of luck and prayers, this will be the final step in the Visa journey.

It will be a welcomed sense of peace for me.

Last Sunday I took a taxi, filled with 18 people, to Entebbe to visit my friends. I spent the hour ride just sitting – not thinking about anything. Before – I was worried where I needed to get off. If my bag was going to be stolen.  What that smell was. Why was I so hot. Why wasn’t there air conditioning. Could we possibly fit anyone else on here. Yes, we can fit more people because someone is now sitting on me.

I’ve become aware that I am a victim of time. And as time does with most thing-you start to settle down. The excitement wears off. The once amusing happenings of the day have turned into normalcy.

And you start to realize that you actually can make it on your own. Anywhere. Honey, you’ve already been doing it for 4 months, going on 5…









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