one shoe stories

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One day a week I am going to start working over at one of our partner organizations. In June it’ll be more of a full time position.

Today was my first day. The morning started with singing. One of the staff played a keyboard that had keys that light up when they were played. We sang two songs in English – but had a lot more clapping and moving than I’m used to. And then one was sung in Luganda, or at least I assume it was Luganda. I had chills. I just love hearing people praise God in another language.

The rest of the day was spent learning the organization, and taking a tour of the facility. It’s an organization that works with street kids, and during a tour of the facility, I  saw the shoe shown above.

I often wonder how the “one shoe” ends up where it does. And why the person doesn’t come back looking for it. And I thought about this shoe – and the tiny one that it belonged to and the stories that child could share.

Excited to work alongside this organization.





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One Response to one shoe stories

  1. Susie Middlebrooks says:

    Great post, Amanda. What kinds of things will u do in this job. Did the get picked up or did you ever the the one-shoed child? I love reading all your stories and think you very well could be the author of a great book of these adventures and you perspectives. I love you, Susie

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