baking cakes in kampala

Thanks to my friends, Kristie and Ura, I was able to bake a cake from a box with frosting! Normally to have such sugary treats, you’d have to make it from scratch. Which is fine, but sometimes, you just don’t want it to be a big long process.


To start – you turn the oven on. To “turn the oven on” you have to light it.


The next logical step is to turn on your tunes. You know, the ones that make your shoulders shake.


Put mix in bowl. Draw water from the filter in your kitchen.


Put batter in pan, and pan into stove.


Wash dishes. We have a faucet for hot water and one for cold water. The two never meet so you’re options are one, or the other.


Goes best with good friends and great conversation.


this could have been any where in the world. for now, it is kampala.

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