and you shall have your treasure in heaven

One of the things I enjoy here is being surrounded by mature Christians. They integrate obscure bible verses into their conversations. They have great stories from their time on the field. They’ve seen God provide fruit or patiently accepted that their journey was more about preparing the way with nothing to show. Each missionary has something to say. And so I listen.

Today, I overheard a conversation about how we are supposed to BE here to build relationships, not to Do things. I think often times, missionaries, and christians, measure their success by what they did/built, when we should measuring it by the relationships we build while doing whatever it is we came to do.

Then a mash up of Matthew 6:20-21 and Matthew 19:21 was quoted:

Matthew 6:20-21: But store up for yourselves treasure in heaven where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.

Matthew 19:21 – If you want to be perfect, go sell your possessions and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven. Then, come follow me.

In both of these verses, I have always focused on the last sentences. Especially the “Come, follow me”. But what about the treasure in heaven? What will your “treasure” be?

What if our treasure is people. Relationships. Those with who we shared the good news of the Lord with?

What a glorious day it will be when we are greeted at the gates of heaven surrounded by an angel army of those we have built relationships with on this earth. Singing and praising our heavenly father together.

I think wherever you are is a good place to start building relationships. To start working on your “treasure in heaven”.


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One Response to and you shall have your treasure in heaven

  1. Mariruth Whittle Thomas says:

    Oh Amanda, you are so dear! I’m praying for you daily. Your blog is right on target. I’m really trying to be more focused on building my “treasure in heaven” in 2013.
    Take care,
    Mariruth Thomas
    (Cassie Kerr’s mom)

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