Only in the South – Praying in a bar

I took myself out to a restaurant/bars within 20 minutes of my folks home. A suburban restaurant/bar mind you. I had just come from treating myself to a movie, and assumed it’d be a quick in and out dinner. And then the guy beside me asked where I was from….

After an initial exchange of information, I mentioned that I was heading to Africa in January. He said that he had spent some time there working in an orphanage. Then we proceeded into a much too heavy conversation for strangers.

And then I asked if I could pray.

But let’s back up. Because when I was interviewing for this position in Africa, I was asked if I was comfortable praying for and with others. To which I responded that it wasn’t my strongest suit. I mean, one time while leading small group, I prayed and signed off “Amanda” instead of “Amen.” Who does that!?

But I keep trying.

So, in the middle of this crowded place, I leaned over and did the best I could. It wasn’t an eloquent prayer, but it was honest.

He told me that our conversation meant more to him than any church service he attended lately had.

So let’s recap. I went to a restaurant/bar on a Friday night. Alone. And ended up sitting next to someone who lived in Africa. And I prayed with them.

As my friend, Randy just said, “things happen for a reason…”

I needed this conversation. And now that I’m thinking about it, I needed the email I received from a friend of my brothers, Carolyn.  So, thank you, to both of you. For thinking that I have something worth saying. Regarding our Heavenly Father.


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  1. Put a share button at bottom of posts. Good stuff.

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