Q&A with the future roomie

My roommate has a cat.

She told me to pack as many clothes as I could. That Americans were easy to spot. They come over with their clothes that can be thrown away. So, necklaces and scarfs…here we go!

There is a washing machine in our place, but all clothes are lined dry.

She feels safe – just stays away from certain parts of town.

Some prescriptions are cheaper there.

I’ll be able to travel once she gets back from her visit to the US.

I get a day off of work each week.

I’ll be eating a lot of fruits and veggies. And have a water filtration system in the home.

There is a large group of AIMers in the area. Insta-community!

I’ll have access to internet at home and work. So that means I can facebook and blog!

She said the most important thing to pack is flexibility.

You can send me stuff! It’ll be sent to our local PO Box and as soon as I get an address, I’ll let you know. If you send a letter, that’ll take about 2 months. If you send a package, that takes 3 months or more.

And I’ll sleep with a mosquito net each night.

I have 43 days left. Looking forward to seeing everyone over the brunches, dinner, ornament exchanges, church and Christmas holiday.


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One Response to Q&A with the future roomie

  1. julesj says:

    this makes me feel that much better…i love you

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